• Imani White

4 Tips to Becoming a Makeup Artist

This is so exciting!!! I am absolutely thrilled to have a platform where I can openly talk to you guys about what I've experienced, where I aspire to go, and simply keep a digital journal that I can reflect on later in life. I have secretly (well not anymore) kept the same journal from when I was 8 years old, and it is incredible to see just how much my thought process has changed. I intend to be 150% completely honest on these blog posts, in other words, these are from my truest self and I hope they can help you even in some small way. Even though most posts will tie into the beauty industry, I feel you can always learn and always take away sooomething from any experience. So with that in mind, let's get started on one of the most basic questions that I get all the time; How to Become a Makeup Artist!

I am going to break things down for you in 4 relatively easy steps that you can keep in the back of your mind.

1.A Confident Creative Mind

Let's start out with the most obvious one. You've clearly chosen this profession for a reason and chances are that you love to be creative in some way. This is good! It's absolutely essential in fact. Once you have it, it is SO important to LISTEN to it. It is going to be so hard to not compare your work to the artist next to you. Or, as you're starting your first big job it may be very intimidating to hear everyone's experiences and where they've been. But don't forget, you've been chosen for that job because they see something in you. So YOU should see something in you. And even if you don't see it, if you can feel it in your heart that this is where you are happy-then this is what will make your life happy. Plain and simple.


Now this one might be a little bit harder. But I promise you, if you show humility this will catapult you faster and farther than you would ever know. I know I've just told you to pretty much think of yourself as the hottest thing in the room-but there's a balance to maintain. You should think of yourself as the best in the room because you are not afraid to learn from others. You are confident enough in your abilities that you know your limits and you are not afraid to ask for help because you know that the information you will get from asking will only make you better. So find any classes, seminars, and mentors that you can and LISTEN to what they have to offer. Even if you are at work and someone puts in their two cents, as long as they are speaking to you in a respectful way they really are just trying to help you. In this industry, time really is money. So if someone has taken their time to give you a piece of advice-TAKE IT. There are so many other ways they could be spending their time. But they chose to take those two seconds to give you advice. This means that they see potential in you. Thank them, and give it a try. They might actually know what they are talking about.


Now it is one of my pet peeves when someone sticks a definition in a paper or blog-but allow me to be hypocritical for just a few moments. Ambition is "a strong desire to do something, typically requiring determination and HARD WORK." A very wise life coach once told me, "What is easy, will not last. What will last, will not come easy." I'm not sure if I need to expand this any further, but I will say just a few words. If you want it so badly, it will drive you to take action. Be ambitious, find ways to learn. Find jobs to apply for. Find ways to improve your craft and boldly do it. We've already decided that we are born to do this, now it is time to boldly and bravely pursue it. Opportunities will only come to you if you take the first step. (This paragraph is just going to be FULL of inspirational quotes but...) let me leave you with my last one. Someone once told me, "If you do not use your voice, then no one will hear you." Seems a bit like "well...yeah isn't that how it works?" But really think about it. If you just sit and hold in the gifts that you have, no one will know you have them, and nothing can change.

4.Clients(having and maintaining a professional relationship)

You have to be such a people person to be in this field. Notice how I didn't say "people pleaser" or even "social butterfly." You don't have to be the funniest or say yes to everything. At the end of the day each client wants to feel beautiful and she wants to be heard. If you are at the beginning stages and you need to begin just with your family and friends that is fine. Take photos and develop a portfolio for your future clients to view as well as for yourself so you can mark your progress. Once you have your first client, make sure you acknowledge any insecurity that arises and assure her in a calm matter than she will be taken care of. This steps up the game from it being a service to becoming a professional relationship, a customer verses a client or guest. Show them respect and honesty(don't tell her she needs something just so you can make a sale. They can tell the difference) and you will have a consistent clientele in no time.