• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...

Dear Sweet little sister,

I am sorry for all of the crazy and hard times that are going to be thrown your way. But do you know what? You and I have a little secret...Life is going to try to hit you because you are strong. It is going to try to distract you because you have a strong future. It is going to hurt your heart because it knows it has to fight dirty to bring you down. But it doesn't know our secret...

....it doesn't know that we have each other.

And because we have each other, I have a few strategies that have helped my friends and I as we combat against Life. Here is a quick survival guide when you need a quick pick-me-up.

1) When your body isn't quiteeee where you want it to be....


You're growing! Say your jeans are a little tight, next day your arms may feel a little different, then the next day it could be your face! But you know what? Every duckling will become a swan. It's very true. I myself grew up with braces, a receding hairline and was a little bit on the chubby side. Sweetheart you are beautiful. You really are. Do you know what I like to do? If I feel self-conscious about my arms...I wear a tank top! If I don't particularly like my legs? I wear shorts! Watch how many compliments you get on that one part of your body that you felt uncomfortable with, and use it as a fashion challenge! (Then take an awesome selfie.)

2)...or when it's not what you want it to be at all

(1Peter 3:3-4)

I know this feeling also. Sometimes, you haven't been feeling good about yourself at all, and looking in the mirror does not help either. This is the time sweetheart. This is the time where you need to close the door, turn on an uplifting song and write it down. Sometimes our minds are so full of what is hurting our heart that it doesn't have space for what will heal it. Writing it down takes it out of your brain and onto the paper. It leaves your brain open to be filled with wonderful wonderful things. You can take that time to draw, sing, run, but something on your own first. Try to get to know what makes you happy before you reach for the phone. That way when you do reach for the phone you can just laugh with your best friends.

3)When your friends hurt your heart..

(Proverbs 17:17)

Your true friends aren't going anywhere (lol)

But really, your true friend will stand with you. Sometimes you may grow, and sometimes that involves change. But you will come back to each other like you've hit pause on your favorite show and now you get to watch it again. Otherwise? It probably wasn't the best show to watch.

By the way- You can be happy. Even if someone has hurt your heart, believe me, you are more loved than you know. (and you can always give me a call. You know I will sing upside down until you laugh again.)

4)When "that guy" breaks your heart...

(Psalm 34:18)

Leave it.

Call the squad, grab the ice cream, blast the music. (I'll bring the hairbrush microphones. )

5)When you feel completely alone...

(Psalm 94: 17-18)

You.are never. alone. Never alone. Reach out to someone, and it's ok to. I know that you feel like it will bother them, or burden them. But the truth is, they care about you. If anything hurts more than feeling alone, it's the feeling that comes from knowing that your friend feels alone. They want to help you and it is ok. Who knows? Maybe that next phone call-or that next text message will completely turn everything around!

I hope some of these have helped you my sweet sister. You have a family that loves you, even if it doesn't look like all of the holiday cards and movie scenes. It's a true family, and we are so happy to have you in ours. I am happy to have you in my family.


Your Big Sister