• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Get Back Up

(Mark 4:35-41)

Dear Sweet Sister,

This week was rough wasn't it?! I mean my goodness haha! It's getting a little ridiculous! By this time you're probably noticing that problems come in pairs. And frankly----it's getting a little annoying! At some point-at SOME point--there has to be some kind of break on the way. So whether you're just being introduced to the storm(...and it's not a pretty one) or you are caught right in the middle of it, I am pretty sure you would like a lifesaver. Have no fear! Grab your life jacket, your floaties, and your umbrella and we are going to stare at the eye of the storm until it fades away.

Step 1) Remember...

"This is building your success story." (may be my favorite quote ever.)

Think about when you are big and famous and you're sitting on the Ellen show and she is about to interview you for this amazing accomplishment. This could be that amazing accomplishment! Think about it...Everyone that you know, or that you aspire to be like, is inspiring because they overcame something. And that is what made them stand out above the rest. Maybe they battled a hard life, an eating disorder, or maybe no one believed in them. Whether people thought they were too young, too old, too poor, too whatever! They still overcame their circumstances and that's what made them shine.

You could be going through that moment right.now. Congratulate yourself!! You should be so proud of everything you have been through so far! Remember that horrible moment last week? You got through that! You are still here and standing strong! You should be so proud of everything you have become and everything you have achieved so far in this life. So before you feel helpless, or feel like you just can not do anything-sweetheart you CAN do ANYTHING! Including this. You've got this!

Step 2) Plan

It is really really hard to go anywhere with out a plan. Forrrrr example...we all know I love Disney right? Right. Every time my family and I go to Disney we have a strategy that helps us beat the lines, spend less money, and have just a great time! And anyone who has been to Disney knows this trick.(if you don't, you're welcome.) The trick is simple: Start in the back of the park and work your way to the front. Oh the lines you will miss!

Same thing with stressful situations! You want to make a strategy that helps reduce stress, get rid of the problem (for good), and do it as quickly as possible, right? Not having a plan is only going to have you hop from problem to problem. And who knows? You may find out that two difficult situations could be fixed with the same solution! It's kind of like the phrase, "Work Smarter, not Harder."(You'll save yourself a headache.)

Step 3) Assemble Your Team

Bring in the squad! (I don't care how many times that sounds cheesy it is SO important to have a squad! May as well give it a fun name!) You have your plan, you've stood your ground now it is time to get backup! Let your friends know "hey, I may be going through something kind of tricky but, I know I can work through it. It really helps to know that you have my back!" You do not need to go into detail about what is troubling you if you don't want to. But by letting them know from the start, they can prepare too! That true amazing friend is going to think "Huh, she's not going through a great time right now. I think I can help her though!" By the way, if you're friend is apart of your squad, then they know that there will be hard times. But a true friend is going to stand beside you and help you through your storm.

Step 4) Keep Doing It

This is the secret key to anything in this letter. The waves are going to hit you again. Then the wind is going to blow you away. And just when you think it is all over, your boat is going to have a hole in it. Keep going. Just. keep. going. Make a mantra for yourself. If I feel like I just can't get through it, I'll tell myself "I feel this now, but I will thank myself later!" (Romans 8:28) No matter if the day is good, or if it is bad, somehow this day in the future is going to have amazing affects. It is building you towards something greater.

My favorite example of this is the theory of the pencil. For anyone who went to school before 2017, we had these magical things called pencil sharpeners. They weren't electric either. You had to put your pencil into the sharpener and twist and twist until you had a perfectly pointed pencil (...and then do it again the next day.) Once you were done the pencil looked great! ...But how do you think the pencil felt? It had to be scrapped and stabbed and twisted by blades and in a small space and it's not comfortable at all! But when it is done, it is sharp and has the power to do many things.

Step 5)Dig Deeper

Below the pain, below the hurt, and below the frustration is a strong, strong, strong brave girl. You are wise, you have many things waiting for you and that will never change. You can always get back up. You can always get out of the situations you are in. You just may need to dig below this current situation. You may just have to get down so you can catapult yourself into the stars. Think about an arrow! You have to pull it back before it can soar straight towards the target. So stare at whatever is hurting you and say, "No. I will move forward today. I chose to keep moving, and to keep moving forward." It is in there, I know it is. And YOU know it is too.

I am so excited to see the amazing things that you will do. Just know-- that we are proud of you. I am proud of you. Now head through that storm Captain! I'll be your first mate.


Your Big Sister