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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Let's have a DIY Spa Night!

(Psalms 46:5)

Hi there!

I know...the title seems a little scary. Spa nights usually mean tooons of girly things! Well guess what! This is actually going to be fun! And mom? (Or best friend) can do this too! These tips are so incredibly easy AND affordable to create your own little getaway. And don't worry, it won't be as scary as you think. You just might like it.

I personally used to be able to do these about once or twice a week, but we all know how our time can slip away from us. This is why it is so important to try at least one of these things once a week, for however amount of time. So sit back and relax! (Psalms 9:2) Here are my top favorite tips to create your very own spa night.


This may be the hardest step, but the most effective sometimes. Set apart maybe half an hour in today and disconnect from social media. My favorite tip is to place my phone on airplane mode. This way, if you need your phone for your timer or to take pictures you can do it-and free from unwanted distractions. Then, when you are done with your relaxing routine, you can turn airplane mode back on and everything will come back!

2)Create a Space

This part is so fun get to be all fancy and customize your relaxing space! Heehee oh my gosh I am so excited to share this pa