• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Let's have a DIY Spa Night!

(Psalms 46:5)

Hi there!

I know...the title seems a little scary. Spa nights usually mean tooons of girly things! Well guess what! This is actually going to be fun! And mom? (Or best friend)...you can do this too! These tips are so incredibly easy AND affordable to create your own little getaway. And don't worry, it won't be as scary as you think. You just might like it.

I personally used to be able to do these about once or twice a week, but we all know how our time can slip away from us. This is why it is so important to try at least one of these things once a week, for however amount of time. So sit back and relax! (Psalms 9:2) Here are my top favorite tips to create your very own spa night.


This may be the hardest step, but the most effective sometimes. Set apart maybe half an hour in today and disconnect from social media. My favorite tip is to place my phone on airplane mode. This way, if you need your phone for your timer or to take pictures you can do it-and free from unwanted distractions. Then, when you are done with your relaxing routine, you can turn airplane mode back on and everything will come back!

2)Create a Space

This part is so fun heehee...you get to be all fancy and customize your relaxing space! Heehee oh my gosh I am so excited to share this part!

☀️Ok here, for a quick and easy instant makeover to any room- light candles (a lot of them), turn on a relaxing station (Pandora helps with this), and turn off the lights.

☀️ For a slightly more fancy atmosphere-bring in the food. It can be anything! Hey it's your relaxing time I'm not going to say anything...if you want brownies or cookies that's your thing. I won't judge (because let's be honest I'm going to be the one with a bowl of ice cream anyway.)

☀️For the ultimate extreme relaxing space-make a fort! Chairs + blankets + pillows is SO much fun!! To the moms &/or other guests who are older than the preteen age-yes. This means you too. I don't care how old you are, make the fort, laugh your head off then come back and tell me how it was. Lol you're welcome.

3) Proceed with the festivities!

Now is the best part! We have no distractions, we have a fun space that feels nice and relaxing, now what are we going to do? Here are a few of my favorite activities to do on a DIY spa night!

💁 Bubble Bath!

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go! Everyone needs one true amazing bubble bath experience in their life. If you go to Lush (aka God's gift to all women) they have these incredible things

called bath bombs that you can get for anywhere from $4 to $10(ish). You place them in the water, and they make bubbles or turn the water awesome colors! (and they smell great) If you can't make it to the store, you can even make them at home!! (Let me know if you would like for me to share tips on this) I also love to set up a laptop or an ipad and watch Netflix at this time too!

💁At home sauna

This is for the friend who hates baths. You can always turn on your shower, close the door and let the steam clear your skin. But not for too long! But it still is really really nice, and really really good for you and your skin. (By the way, Lush has steamers that make the steam smell like lavender, which helps you sleep.)


Here is the trick to help all horrible at-home nail applications! We all hate it when we paint our nails but we just can't sit still after! Have no fear, just grab a quick drying base coat, a quick drying color, and-you guessed it, a quick drying top coat. Meanwhile, put on your favorite show! By the time your show is done, the nails will be too!

💁Face Masks

There are so many GREAT face masks out there. (If you would like for me to list my favorites and where I get them, let me know!) You can buy them, or make them! For recipes, just

check out Pinterest! There are so many, and a lot of the time you make them with things that are already in your kitchen. You can keep them on while you are doing any of these steps too. My personal favorite is anything with coconut oil-it.is.AWESOME! (You can always try it with your hair too. But no pressure.)

And here we have it! Those are some of my absolute favorite tips. Did you have fun? Did you? Come on, I know at one point you AT LEAST smiled. It doesn't have to be a "girly thing". Honestly, it's just about taking care of yourself. It's about learning to be grateful that you are you and taking time to appreciate that. It may seem silly now, but when life gets harder and you start having to do more with school, maybe this will help you take a break. You are so precious and loved, it's really important to remember that. (Jeremiah 29:11) I can't wait to hear what was your favorite part! Next time, let's make a bigger fort.

With much Love,

Your Big Sister