• Imani White

"DLS"...How to have a Great Day!

(Psalm 30:5)

You know what? We are just going to have a good day today! Not just a good day-A GREAT Day! Yes. Yes we are-don't you shake your head at me we are doing this. Take a quick deep breath. No honestly take one. See? That's already better and we've already restarted the day. You know that's all it really takes to restart the day-just take one quick deep breath. But if you happen to be joining me in this blog in the morning-then we can start the day this way! No matter what happens, there's always this little sense of awesomeness that stays around when we get the chance to have our day start out perfectly. Here are some things that really help me have a great day!

1. Wake Up Earlier

(Psalm 118:24)

Heehee...all you night owls are going to hate me for this...but Yes! Waking up earlier is going to help you sooo much! Honestly try it! Start with just half an hour earlier and work your way up to it!

See, the trick here is to put your phone clear across the room. Oh my goodness I can see the eyes rolling already! But here's the thing- keeping your phone across the room prevents you from being on it all night, which means you fall asleep faster and it will be easier to wake up the next morning! See when your eyes are looking at the screen, it triggers these little parts in your brain to stay alert, which prevents you from getting that good nights sleep in the first place. Plus you'll have to get up and move in order to turn off your alarm which will reaaally get you up.

2.Daily Affirmations

(Psalm 5:3)

This is the part that might make you feel like you look like a crazy person, so you might want to do this in your room. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and stand perfectly still. (Yes this is going to feel awwwwkward at first) But stare at yourself in the mirror and don't say anything at first. Then I want you to look at something that you like about yourself. For me? I'll tell myself that I really like my eyes and my freckles. Yes...I do talk to myself in the morning...and you know what? I feel GREAT when I do! So try it!!

Next, look at the part of you that doesn't make you feel all that happy-and tell yourself that you like it anyway. Your words have so much power to them sweetheart. If you tell yourself you don't like your arms guess what...you won't like your arms. But maybe, just maybe if you told yourself, "You know, my arms look nice today. And they're strong too," you just might start to believe it. Haha I call it the "PeterPan Theory." You know, Peter believed and believed that he would stay young forever, and it stuck! We can be anything our words say we are, so be careful of what you let out. But the right words could just make you feel victorious!


(Psalm 139:14)

Y'all are just going to hate me in this blog post I can feel it. But yes, moving juuuuust a little bit is really nice! I like to even jump rope a little, or go for a jog with my puppies just to get my heart going and then I don't have to worry about if I've "worked out" or not. And even if you don't really care about that kind of stuff, moving helps release all these little parts of your emotions that are like little rain clouds that could pop up throughout the day. It helps you stay positive. And who knows? You just might like it. The trick though is to do something you LOVE! If you don't like running-don't. It will make you dread your morning. If you like dancing- then blast music in the morning and have a solo-20 minute dance party! I like to think that I've mastered these...I think my family would beg to differ.

4.Brighten your Space

(Exodus 33:14)

I LOVE this part!! You get to make your room all bright and fun! A little secret about me is-all my workout clothes are neon. This is because the bright colors help my mood! Haha no joke really! A few bright pillows-or my personal favorite-flowers? Then just open your blinds and BAM! If you really want to go crazy, you'll put on your favorite playlist of songs. Oh my gosh, you're going to start your day so well. Don't forget to send me a list of your favorite songs!

5. The Best Breakfast!!!

(Ecc. 9:7)

I think we can all agree-this is truly the best part. Waking up early= getting food faster. I don't think there's much of an argument against this one. Yeah yeah you can make some healthy option like gluten free paleo banana pancakes (which aren't that bad if I'm completely honest). But me? I go between two things; omelets or waffles. When I was a kid, I tried to learn how to make an omelet but keep failing...epically. So I would just put everything together until the eggs were scrambled. Since then, my mom and I will call it "a scrambelet." True story. And it's delicious.

On the other hand, If I am in an insane hurry, I'll just have a waffle with peanut butter and apples. I love apples and peanut butter...I love apples. Omg I just love fruit, I need to calm down because writing this is making me unbelievably hungry. But anything that gets you up in the morning- eat it. Not eating is going to throw.you.off. I used to hate eating breakfast-then I had a scramblet...and eggs benedict. But that's a recipe I will have to learn later in life.

Girl try these!! I can not WAIT to see your pictures of your favorite breakfast! Or maybe I'll get to hear songs from your playlist! Either way, I'd really like for you to have an awesome day. Because you're an awesome person...and awesome people should have awesome days so...yeah. Haha! Have a Great day Sweetheart! Btw-you're the best.

...and you're pretty too.


Your Big Sister