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  • Imani White

"DLS"...10 Steps to Confidence

Proverbs 31:25

"She clothes herself with strength and dignity , and she laughs without fear of the future."

Dear Little Sister,

We're going to do things a little differently today ;) We are going to be introduced to the idea of Confidence 101! And here! I have created a whole arsenal of weapons for you to use to help you learn! I have fun photos, 10 tips, AND an inspirational quote at the bottom! (lol it's ok you can go ahead and scroll down. Use this post as you wish.) I am so excited to see who this might help! If you feel pretty powerful at the end-send me a picture! I would LOVE to see your smiling face! Let's lift each other up one step at a time. I am so excited for you! Go you! lol

1) Be Grateful

*Don't miss this step!*

Take a moment to be grateful for the little things. Honestly break things down to the bare basics-the bare "minimums." Think: "I am so happy that I woke up. I have a core that can pull myself up out of my own bed, I can walk on my own legs, and I have a roof over my head." It feels weeeeird BUT it puts things in perspective! Starting the day like that will show you how many things you do have and you will be overwhelmed with how good your life really is. Because "A thankful heart is a happy heart."