• Imani White

DLS...Are You Brave Enough?

Psalm 46:5

"The Lord is with her, she will not fail; He will help her until the break of day."

Dear Little Sister,

Once Upon a Time...

There was a young girl who couldn't understand why no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't fit in. Her hair was different than the other girls. Her skin was too light for some, and too dark for others. She had brown eyes when everyone else had blue. She was bigger when everyone else was small. She soon learned that she had talents and gifts, but even these made her stand out. All she ever wanted was to be just another face in the crowd and to find a home where she belonged. But deep down-she knew she would never find one.

And then one day...

A powerful King showed her who she was made to be. Nothing more, nothing less. She was perfect just the way she was. And she had been perfectly crafted for one reason. She just had to be brave enough to chase after it.

So are you brave enough?

Are you brave enough to chase after who you really are? Are you brave enough to be...vulnerable?

(P.S. I've sprinkled in some videos that help me with this topic-lol have fun!)

1) Name it!

Haha I know that's a hard question to ask, but here's some tips that have been helping me. First!! Write it down! Write down what you are afraid of. And I mean write it dowwwwnn. I want you to write from the most likely scenario all the way to death. Yes-we're going to compare. Are you in a deadly situation? no? Ok, next part. Will you break a bone? No? Cool! Think about everything that could happen. Then? Say it out loud. 3 times.

A very wise woman once told me, "If people say their fear out loud 3 times, they usually find out just how silly their fears really are!" You know what? Just check out Miss Angel's video she helps a TON!

2)7 Again

So if a 7-year-old trips on the sidewalk-would you yell at him? NO! You would help him up, dust him off, and reassure him that he's ok.

So why do you yell at yourself everytime you fall? Sweetheart you've got to go a little easier on yourself. You deserve to be treated with patience and kindness. And the best way to start, is by treating yourself that way.

3)Time Travel

Think about how there once was a time where you wished you had exactly what you have now, and be grateful of how far you have already come! So many people will never move-but you're not one of those people. You are strong and powerful

and capable and inspiring. So be proud of how far you've come!

(courtesy of sheinthemaking)


Help! Yes help is great! When you have a mentor to look up to, they can help you see the big picture. When you feel alone, it's hard to do what you want when everyone else is going the other way. A mentor can help give you hope that you are on the right track, picture your plan, and encourage you along the way! Then you have a partner to help you too! A mentor can be someone who does what you want to do, a parent, a life coach or even a big sister! ( Eh? See what I did there?)

(thank you to Gingermarieblog for hosting this event)

It's all up to you...

I bet you're wondering how the story ends.

Well the girl got up, chose what she wanted in her life, and she fought. She fought against pain, loneliness, doubt and fear. She grew to love herself more than she could ever imagine. She became a knight and a Queen all at the same time.

And so will you sweetheart. So will you.

And we will live happily ever after...


Your Big Sister