• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Patience

Galatians 6:9

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Dear Little Sister,

There really feels like there is this rush to "get it" or to "make it." Right?

Why? Can we time travel? I mean Back to the Future is my favorite movie but...I highly doubt we can time travel yet.

So here are a few things that I think of when I can focus on is the clock ticking.

1)Abandon Control

So I was flying this weekend for the first time in Arizona! It was just me and one sleepy flight attendant in the row. (poor woman) And while on the plane, I looked out the window and saw for the first time the mountains in Arizona. Y'all...omg they were so cool.

And then, a little thought came into my head and I thought-how long did it take for those mountains to get to the way they are? And do you think that along the way they complained? Like-ughh I wanted that stone to end up over there! ( I know they can't talk-work with me.) A mountain wouldn't complain about how it looks in the end. So why should you be upset at growing in a different way than you originally planned? Enjoyyy the uncertainty of growing up.

By the way, here they are! The sweet woman let me take a photo of them. Thank you!!)

2)It's more perfect...when it's not

I feel it is better to be authentic than perfect.

I have been so so soooo excited because I have been working hard to make something new and creative for us! annnd it has been taking so long!(or it feels like it hahaha) Then I realized,

you know what, no matter what I am trying. And that's all that matters.

BTW! Thank God we do not have to be perfect! Because then we would just have to live everyday trying to maintain that perfection! Phew, no ma'am.

3)Overthinking is under-thinking

Apparently we are only supposed to do 5 big tasks a day..? So, that's something I haven't been doing. lol! But it makes sense. It's better to give 100% into something rather than 30% to some things.

When you over think, it's like you're listing failures and preparing for them all at the same time. Who knows, you might miss something! So take it one.thing.at a time, and kill it! (Btw here's a picture of flowers. I needed a picture of something for this section and I decided not to over think it lol.)

4)Comparison is a ...thief

It steals your joy. It. doeeeesssss.

I'm at this point in my life where everyone is either married(or engaged), pregnant, already with their kid, and now...graduating. As a child of a teacher and professor, education is HUUUGE to me. I went to community college and decided to immediately follow my career and dreams hands on. But I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel a bit of "fomo" when it came to university life. Now I knoooow that university life is not for me, but after seeing all the senior parties and cap and gowns from friends, I started to look down on my "almost associates" degree.

And then I realized, I am so. unbelievably.blessed. It's honestly funny how blessed I am. I have been able to meet SO many influential people within the industry and so many more kind and helpful people. I have been able to attend amazing events that were so much fun! Last week I was able to go to the Taste of Cowboys and we met members of the team! (oh my gosh the barbecue was so good.)

I was so concerned with seeing if the grass was greener that I neglected the whole beach resort in my front yard! Count your blessings. Count'em.

Most important...

Make it fun! The waiting is awwwwwful. But think about baking cookies. And I mean baking real homemade cookies. It takes a while to make the dough, then you have to bake it, then it takes a second to let them cool so you don't burn yourself. But when you finally get to eat them, oh my gosh tell me it's not absolutely worth it. So that's our lesson! Lol life is cookies. Sometimes it crumbles--you know what I'm not going to over analyze this have a great week!

Lol have fun baking!


Your Big Sister


What's your favorite cookie?


"Don't you dare give up before the best day of your life."