• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Speak(avoiding summertime drama)

Exodus 4:12

"Now go! I will help you speak and will teach you what to say."

Dear Little Sister,

IT'S SUMMER!! (Well, here in Texas it is haha!) And summer is a DRAMA FREE ZONE! This is a time to celebrate! So let's get all that drama out of the way so we can have a great summer with our loved ones!!

*BTW, your words matter! Let's get that part very fast. Anything you have to say is valuable and is worth being heard.*

What to Say-The Truth

Always tell the truth. It doesn't have to be said in a rude way! Just "Be honest AND kind." You can definitely do both! Saying the truth to people you love shows that you care enough to maintain their character, instead of just worrying about "if they like you." If you don't like them, at least it shows your character. Handle confrontation like a champion!!

When to say it-

There is always a time to voice your opinion. It may not feel fun, but we can all tell when that moment comes. And if not? Here's a tip!

If you are upset at your mom, maybe it's not the best idea to tell her in the morning as she's scrambling to get you and all the kids together for school. It may be better received after school when there is a quiet moment for you both to talk together calmly.

How to say it-

Always use words in a calm way. That's the key word-calmly. It shows sooo much maturity when you can express your emotions-calmly. Think of that girl screaming in the soap operas...do you hear what she's saying? or just that she's yelling? Remember, Calm=Classy!

Who to say it to-

Everyone! Haha


*Loved ones

*friends or family

Make sure that you tell them when you are upset AND when you are happy. We take so much attention on making sure we've put our foot down against people who hurt us, that we forget sometimes to praise the ones who comfort us. Just give 'em a big ol' hug and tell them how they make you feel.

For more tips on what to say specifically-visit my podcast "Ask Big Sister over on soundcloud!

But with...


You need to be upfront. You should be upfront with your family and friends, but even more so with strangers who do not know you. If someone is disrespecting you, let them know right away that that is not going to be ok.

When-Private vs. Public


Now I am sure I'll put it below, but there is a good ol' verse from the good book explaining how if your friend (or "brother") messes up, talk to him about it in private first. You always want to give someone a chance to do things right and not be embarrassed. I prefer to talk to people one on one, especially if there is a problem. I believe that eliminating an audience can make the conversation more authentic. And if it's a compliment? Also do it in private. Let them know that even if no one else knows, you appreciate them. This will help build a great reputation with the people around you.


If someone is doing something great consisntely- let people know! Hey this person is consistently kind! They are awesome!!

Always Remember...

Sweetheart you are special. You are important, you are amazing, you are inspiring, you are funny and you are valuable. You ALWAYS have the right to speak no matter where you are. You are always MORE than welcome to write to me and I will happily talk to you about anything you would like.

With Much Love,

Your Big Sister

Luke 21:15-"For I will give you the right words and such wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to reply or refute against you!"