• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Body Confidence Pt.1

Psalm 34:18

"The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Dear Little Sister...

I'd like to share with you part of my story. My friends call me the "Positive Princess"... however, it was not always this way.

This is me a few years ago. I hated my body, felt like nothing I did mattered and was very very very depressed.

I had taken this photo on the first day of a New Year. Everyone was posting their "before" pictures as they started their own fitness journeys; meanwhile-I just wanted to be happy.

I took that photo in the hopes that I would never see such a depressed face looking back at me again. I decided to periodically take photos of myself first thing in the mornings to track my progress. Nothing here was physical-it was all a mental game.

And truthfully, that's how it is. The battle between you and your body isn't about what's physical, it's about what's mentally happening.

So let's get ready to fight this!We are beginning a 3 part series in order to FINALLY have confidence in our bodies. They will be split up between our thoughts, outfits that will help us feel confident, and exercises that can help boost our mood.

Btw- Don't worry, we're doing it together.

1)Be Honest with Yourself

What is this whole idea of "Body Confidence" anyway? It's the idea that you are confident that you will love your body no matter what! It's saying, "Even if I'm not where I want to be right now-I will still be kind to myself and be happy with who I am."

You have to spend good quality time with yourself in order to give yourself a great big hug! Chances are-if you hate your body, you hate yourself. Have a nice good conversation with yourself this week to think of why you feel so hurt. (Remember, anything you've done wrong-you've already been forgiven.)

2)Be Patient with yourself

The second part to Body Confidence is love. Love is something that never changes. So even if it's taking you a liiiiitle longer than you'd like-don't worry! You may be on a detour that will show you something about yourself that you never knew.

3)Have a Style Icon!

This one helps a TOOONNNN! (and it's fun heehee)

Look for someone relatively close to your body type who is PROUD to be themselves. My personal favorite is Nabela Noor. She has amazing style and I love this video that she posted with none other than Loey Lane. "I will not reserve my happiness for a later date-or a later weight." I looooovveeee thiiiiiissss!!

4)It's your choice

Whatever you chose with your physical health journey is your choice sweetheart. Don't let it become "Well my family would be proud of me if I put on a few more pounds." Or "My friends will stop making fun of me if I just lose a little." or even "Boys will like me if I am skinnier." Do not let your health be placed in the hands of someone else. You have to be your #1 fan. (even though I'm a close 2nd...)

No matter where you are on this journey ...

we will all be doing it together. There is a power in being able to take a selfie and see a genuine smile coming back at you. So with that in mind-WE HAVE A NEW CHALLENGE! With each blog post in this series, post a selfie with #innerbeautyselfie so that I can see all of your smiling faces!

You are nothing less than perfectly stunning.

All my love,

Your big Sister