• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...5 Things NYC Taught Me

Matthew 18:20

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."

Dear Little Sister,

LADIES!! We've been to NEW YORK CITY!! Yes, everywhere I go, you better believe I am taking you with me!! Guys-this trip....wow. Everything fell into place, and beyond that. My heart was healed, and set afire all in the span of a week. And honestly? It was all because of God. Only He knew what I was struggling with, because only He knew what I needed. And whatever you need-He's got a plan.

But I'll get into that. I'm sure you want to know how the city was!! Are you ready?? Here's 5 things I learned on an adventure in NYC!

1)Everyone has a Place

As a young teenager, I always felt a little-----extra haha. I talked fast, got excited easily, showed all my emotions very clearly without saying a word, and for a long time I believed this was such a bad thing. Being in New York showed me that everyone has a place where they belong.

I've always heard of people saying "the city never sleeps" or "the city is so busy!" So I expected to feel extremely anxious and nervous. Little did I know that the city races with the pace of my own heart beat. Where my mind is usually considered wild, I was shocked to see how time seemed to slow down in fact. There was a moment where I was able to stand on a walk-way above the city and watch traffic breeze by. I understood the hustle, I understood the rush-and in that? I felt an unspoken understanding of each person I was able to see.

The city isn't for everyone, but I found her and I get along very well.

2)Everyone has a Purpose

God gifted me with this amazing opportunity to share what I've learned in the beauty industry with my favorite people-girls! If you'd like to hear more, go ahead and check out my latest podcast! (It's in the link on my home page-click on the "cloud" icon to find it!)

Needless to say, God knew exactly what he was doing by sending me here.

3)Standing With Someone vs. Standing For Someone

None of us are "above" one another. When you stand "for" someone, it's almost like you have this "Queen visiting her subjects" mentality. It is so much more rewarding for EVERYONE to put things aside and celebrate our differences and become friends. No one wants to be taught how to live their life-but everyone does want to be accepted.

4)Subways are the best

Y'all...we did everything from spontaneous photo shoots, games, I-spy, music battles, to the biggest game of "Heads Up" I've ever seen...all on the subway! If you don't want to get stuck in New York traffic, check out below the city and breeze past it all. (Just don't eat a ton before you go!)

5) Community is Everything

If I'm honest, creating a blog and reaching for your dreams is incredibly rewarding, more than anyone could imagine, especially if you do it for God. But when you aren't on the other side yet of "success", it can be incredibly lonely. This world will try to tell you what's really important and what your priorities should be. And those priorities go side by side with comparison and isolation. Being in a community will show you just how precious your life is, and that you are never alone. Communities are a gift, no matter where you find them. But when you see community through God's eyes, you'll never ever be alone again.

If there's anything New York opened my eyes to, it's that we are all the same. Beautiful, complex, imperfect, yet hopeful. A beautiful breath-taking view no matter where you look.

New York, we'll be together again soon. Thank you for everything you've shown me.

Now let's take this world by storm ladies! Where do YOU want to go? What dream are you chasing? Because one day, we'll be there. Standing on the other side of "success", reaching out our hands to help the next generation and extend our party guest list!

I'm cheering for you!

And praying for you.


Your Big Sister