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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...My Nighttime Routine

Dear Little Sister,

Ready for part 2?! 

So you've had an amazing day, rocked your morning routine and now it's time for bed! How do you end a perfectly awesome day?!

Or maybe your day was horrible. You tried everything you could but no matter what, things actually got worse. Don't worry Hun, I've got you. Nighttime is the perfect time to reset. Here are some of my favorite ways to recharge and refresh ourselves before the next day. 

1)Remove all of the Bad

Cleanse your skin, drink some lemon water, and take a nice bath(if you have the time.) Let go off all the toxins in your body, in your heart, and in your mind. Allow yourself to find a peaceful place so that you can get the rest you need and have a better day tomorrow.  

2)Restore everything

Face Masks are the BEST at night!! They are ultra-hydrating and repairing!

Tip:  Using a face mask at night will help prevent your skin from feeling dry in the morning! When we sleep, our skin goes without a drink for hours! That's why in the morning it's awesome to drink water right away! But if you can't, using a mask will help fight the problem before it starts. My favorites have been these cute little Korean masks from Musteav!!