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Dear Little Sister...Meet my #Wcw's!

Dear Little Sister,

We are going to spread the love today ladies!!!

It is SO important to have a good squad! And I am so excited to introduce you to a few within mine.These ladies not only are #Powerhouse women, but they also have incredible character. Through their love of writing,we've all come together. And I just can't wait to add them to our family of girl love! If you would like to see who else inspires me, leave a comment below and we'll spread more love! 

So Here's to you ladies!!

(Oh! And remember to share this with YOUR #wcw!🌟)

1. Karly Smiles

Y'all!!!! This woman is not only absolutely gorgeous, but SHE IS THE KINDEST WOMAN EVER! As you step into the world of her content, you will find it hard to believe you've lived without her. Combining beautiful, uplifting and honest, godly advice-Ms. Karly definitely wins the ultimate Big Sister award. 

2.The GingerMarie Blog

I dare you to find someone funnier on social media. I dare you. Everywhere that Ginger goes, fun will follow. She has this infectious smile and laugh that can capture anyone at anytime. She is consistently hustling, creating events and killer content-it's no wonder she is the absolute gem of DFW! If you're looking for a fun, down-to-earth friend, you've found the right person. (And she actually makes having a healthy lifestyle fun!) We LOVE you Ginger! 

3.Diana Rubio(Lovelylittleobssessions)

It's our girl Diana!!! Guys, without Diana-there is no "Dear Little Sister". She is the incredible hard worker who brings all of our ideas to life through photography. On top of that-she has content of her own!! If her gorgeous outfits don't kill you, her smile will!! Whether she is knocking us dead with her astonishing photography or brightening our day with her Instagram, Diana could honestly run Dallas...single handedly. Go check her out! ....Like now! 

4.Gizelle (GCG Studio)

When I think of this girl I picture two words; Instant.BFF! Not only does she have the best ideas, her clothing is incredible! Guys the fabric is sooooooo comfortable, and everything has a positive message! Gizelle has a heart of solid gold, and I love how it pours into her products. If you want to feel your best, then head over to her site! No one will be able to stop you! You'll be transformed into an instant #girlboss

5.Chloe Young

Heehee hi Bae! So most of you will know exactly who this is. If you are joining us from outside our original "squad"(first of all-welcome!) then let me introduce you to the future president! This is none other than our dear friend Chloe. This young lady has just launched a phenomenal project-and she shows no sign of stopping! She is wise beyond her years, but still has a fresh new look on eeeeverything. Stepping into Chloe's world is like stepping into la vie en rose...but better! Keep up the amazing work love! 😘

If you did not see any of your favorites let me know!!! I am so excited to do a part 2 and spread more encouragement. Tag your friend below and let's all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!! 

(Photo by Karly)



Your Big Sister  

Proverbs 13:20

"Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm." 

(All photos available on each blogger's specific IG)