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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Meet my #Wcw's!

Dear Little Sister,

We are going to spread the love today ladies!!!

It is SO important to have a good squad! And I am so excited to introduce you to a few within mine.These ladies not only are #Powerhouse women, but they also have incredible character. Through their love of writing,we've all come together. And I just can't wait to add them to our family of girl love! If you would like to see who else inspires me, leave a comment below and we'll spread more love! 

So Here's to you ladies!!

(Oh! And remember to share this with YOUR #wcw!🌟)

1. Karly Smiles

Y'all!!!! This woman is not only absolutely gorgeous, but SHE IS THE KINDEST WOMAN EVER! As you step into the world of her content, you will find it hard to believe you've lived without her. Combining beautiful, uplifting and honest, godly advice-Ms. Karly definitely wins the ultimate Big Sister award. 

2.The GingerMarie Blog

I dare you to find someone funnier on social media. I dare you. Everywhere that Ginger goes, fun will follow. She has this infectious smile and laugh that can capture anyone at anytime. She is consistently hustling, creating events and killer content-it's no wonder she is the absolute gem of DFW! If you're looking for a fun, down-to-earth friend, you've found the right person. (And she actually makes having a healthy lifestyle fun!) We LOVE you Ginger!