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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Dances 101 (the basics)

Dear Little Sister,

OMG I've been planning this for so long, now that it's here I don't know where to start! 

Guys, when I saw homecoming was around the corner, I KNEW we had to talk about it. Now I know we don't have #hoco yet in middle school, but we do have winter formal! Or Sadie Hawkins! Or hey, some of us may even be going to a highschool homecoming (ooolala! Haha ok I'll stop.) 

Dances are for you! They're to celebrate who you are and all of the hard work you've done! So let's get ready for an amazing night! You've earned this!!!

Now before we jump into this series(oh yeah we're making it a series!) I'll show you how we've broken things down. We have Formals 101 with The Basics, then The Look, and finally The Group. So we'll cover all you need to know to have the best night!! Heehee Let's get started with some basic tips on homecoming season! 

1) Your Phone

Your phone is definitely important tonight for a gazillion reasons. Mainly selfies-but to keep in touch with everyone too! Don't forget you can keep your cash, school ID, and ticket in your phone case. So keep it close by!