• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Dances 101 (The Group)

Dear Little Sister,

I have had SO much fun with this series! Haven't you? Wow I hope you have all had an amazing start to your formal season. This final post for this series is all about what really will make this the best year ever-who you go with. 

Who you go with can totally make or break this year. Some people can tear you down, question who you are or even spread rumors about you. But true friends? Won't have time! Why? Because they'll be busy having so much fun with you!! So let's take a look at our group! 

1) Your Girls

Yes!! Bring in the ladies! I'm sure you know-girls can be the BEST thing on the planet! But...sometimes we can be the meanest. We can lift up and we can tear down. So it is SO important to only go with young ladies that love to encourage and support you. 

When you leave your friends, ask yourself this: "Am I happier now? Do I feel good about myself?" Or is it "I don't really like myself anymore. I don't really know if I like myself anymore." Honestly, I would stay away from this feeling. Make sure your circle encourages to love who you are! Because you are incredible! 

2)The Guys

Bring in the boys! Haha! Now let's see-

Boys can be so much fun!! They are light-hearted, playful, and a GOOD guy friend will help you feel brave enough to jump on the dance floor! 

Not all boys are mean, sneaky, or "players". Some guys are actually totally awesome! A good 97% of my best friends are guys. This is because good guy friends are no drama and all laughs! Just like with girls, be careful with who tags along. When in doubt, let it be a girls night out. 

Tip:Make sure who tags along (boys or girls) are respectful to your family! Those are people who will keep things drama free!

3)Your Date

So you're going with a date-how exciting!! Thats awesome Hun! Now if you want an easy breezy and fun night, here is what I would recommend! 

Make sure he is respectful to you and your friends! Maybe you all can see a movie before homecoming! This will help everyone feel comfortable with each other and now that everyone will be kind to each other! (And if you don't have a date-it's no problem sweetheart.) 

Tip: If you are going on a date tonight, we've shared all of our tips on dating in our latest podcast!! (Click the cloud on our homepage)

 The right group can make or break an experience, so make sure you are with people who truly love you! I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have!! Don't forget to send  your photos from this year. I can't wait to hear your stories! It's going to be great. Let me know what series you would like to see next!!   

Let's dance! 


Your Big Sister

Special Thank you for this Series...

To Diana Rubio(photographer)

Chloe Young

Liam Wallis

Olivia Miller

Angela Gomez

Devin Hayes

Erick Escobar 

For joining us in this fun experience! Thank you for bringing my ideas to life! We love you and welcome to the family! 

1 Thessalonians 5:11

"Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."