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Dear Little Sister...2017 Teen Fashion Week!

Dear Little Sister,

Hi guys!! Oh my gosh y'all were so sweet to ask me how "Teen Fashion Week" was! I have to say I can not belieeeeeve all of the things we have achieved this year! Look at us making goals and watching them come true! You and I have some amazing things coming our way, because we believe that we have amazing things to offer the world. 

I had so many expectations for Dallas' Teen Event and I was pleasantly surprised! There was creativity, professionalism and over-all great fun. I can't wait to show you what I learned from this year!

1)Don't be Afraid to Stand Out

 Did you know originally I was just going to go with a plain simple dress? Until I realized-hey! Where's the fun in that? There's nothing wrong with allowing people to see you. I had a message to share, and I couldn't do that by being afraid. So I chose the biggest brightest thing in my closet, and I had a blast! You have something important too Hun-don't be afraid to share it. 

Tip:Allow yourself just once to wear something bold. As long as it is appropriate, you'll never know until you try! Remember-you are WONDERFULLY made! 

2)Kindness goes a Long Way


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