• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...My 9 Fall Favorites!

Dear Little Sister,

Sometimes all we need is little reminders that something good can come out of everyday. Of course it is not all about the things that we have, but I do think it is important to appreciate what we do have. I also LOVE fall! And there are so many fun little trinkets that come around the fall season, so I would love to share you my favorites! Hopefully you find that these little things can be the something good in your day.

1) Daily Shine Texts

If you're anything like me, first thing in the morning you reach for your phone. I know that it's hard to realistically break the habit, so why not help ourselves out? Daily Shine texts message you first thing in the morning with encouraging REAL bits of inspiration. On top of that-they pair it with a blog post that you can read if you'd like a few more tips or tricks.

2) Eyeliner

Heehee I do love makeup. If anything can help turn your day around, a little eyeliner and a fun lip color can encourage you to smile a little more. My favorite eyeliner at the moment is the "TWC Timer NYX" eyeliner. I actually keep it in my purse with me all the time! If I have somewhere to go later I can change my look easily. One side is a smudge stick and the other is a felt-tip pen! Whose genius idea was that?

3) Floral Patterns

I am someone that tends to wear very basic pieces. I like nothing more than a t-shirt and good old jeans. Floral patterns add a really nice fresh part to an "ordinary look." Lately I've been wearing maxi dresses, and I love the ease of throwing on a dress and feeling comfortable while looking polished the whole day.

This one here is from our friends at Strut from Bishop Arts!

5) Boots

I feel like boots are always a favorite this time of year. If you haven't had a chance to find your favorite pair, maybe try one in brown instead of black. It adds a softer vibe and makes it easier to pair for all kinds of occasions.

6)Dark Nails

Fun Fact, I used to neeeever paint my nails. But ever since I started, I have been addicted! One thing that really helps me feel like myself is actually dark nail polish. I love a deep plum or a warm maroon. Darker and deeper colors add a cooler easy vibe without having to feel too girly or overly done. I highly recommend pairing it with the quick drying top coats! They are such a time saver!

7)Full Brows(fav product)/clean skin

As I'm getting older, I am wanting to wear less and less makeup. I love the feeling of being able to let my skin breathe and learn to love more of what I truly look like instead of trying to change my features into something I wish they could be. It's time to let the brows be, and wear a BB Cream to let your skin breathe!

8)Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

I can't forget about food! It has taken me a long time to become a breakfast fan, but I think I've found my favorite thing. I'll make this with a little almond milk and drizzle the tiniest bit of honey on top. SO GOOD!

9) Fav. TV Show

Alright, I have been so excited for fall because that is when all of the shows come back! Between Stranger Things Season 2 coming back on Friday, Kimmy Schmidt releasing season 3, Once Upon a Time coming back, and Scandal taking over this season, it was extremely hard to find which is my favorite right now. And I have to say, the winner is "Haters Back Off" season 2. It has been out for about a week and I have already watched it 4 times. If you are a Miranda fan, you will love how much she grows this season. This season is a whole new batch of crazy with some incredible real moments as well. Plus, who doesn't love Miranda and Patrick?

What were some of YOUR favorites guys?? Why don't we swap suggestions down below? That way we can all help each other have our best days. It's the little things, the little things can always add up.

Don't forget. There's always something good.


Your Big Sister

Psalm 94:19

"When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy."