• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...My  5 Favorite Places in McKinney!

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Friends!!! How was turkey day? I personally am a huge fan of stuffing and these amazing new Christmas cookies that my mom made from scratch. SO GOOD!! 

I for one am becoming very excited for this Christmas season, and I apparently have been missing out on a HUGE fun Christmas experience! I have never shopped/spent time in Downtown McKinney for Christmas! How...? I'll never know. This has 100% become my safe haven and I can't wait to share with you what I've found. 

Ladies, you can take your best friends here to walk around and mom can go wherever, there really is something for everybody. (Girls since it's a square, everything is in walking distance you don't even need a car!) Let's get started!!!

1) Snug on the Square

You know that cute place in movies where everyone goes to hang out? This is it!!! Omg y'all, this place is so adorable it has a little stage you can sit on that's around a fireplace, with comfy couches to fit all of your friends! Not to mention the food is nothing but delicious comfort food. No."healthy" eating allowed.

2.Mom and Popcorn

If you've been here....you know. If you haven't...you're welcome. This place combines every Willy Wonka/1950's/Classic American Days dream that you could have. And then wraps it in a candy wrapper! Inside you instantly are greeted with a warm smile and a sea of new and classic candies. From vintage lunch boxes, to even "astronaut ice cream" (y'all remember this right?!) this place is an absolute dream! The best part is  their enormous collection of popcorn! Just.try.any of them. Any of them will change your life. 


Okay! If you have been following me on Instagram lately, you know this has become my #1 spot. This combines everything-everything that I love and grew up with. Not only does this coffee shop serve delicious drinks, (they even have lavender), this feels like someone took my happiest time of life and made one stop.

In the main room there is a piano waiting to be played and available for open mic nights/afternoons. In the hallway to the right we see practice rooms for you to master your craft and beautiful paintings to the right. Finally in the back we have a room specifically for entertaining friends. Inside there are couches and several board games to play with! Many many hours are spent here. 

4)Made of Sugar and Spice

If you have a little sister and are looking for some time to spend together, this is an amazing place to stop by! These incredible ladies create themed parties! They have several ideas to choose from, and all you do is bring the cake!! If you look closely you'll see this was in our first official photoshoot! I don't know, should we host a little party here? 

5)Performance Arts Center

As someone who grew up performing in community theater, I was so happy to stumble across this place. The McKinney Performing Arts Center is placed right in the heart of McKinney square, as it should be. Here you can see fun performances in any time of year. I for one will definitely be visiting for A Christmas Carol this year. 

What did you think?? Is there a favorite spot I may have missed? Whether you're able to stop by this Holliday week, or on Christmas break, this place is an absolute gem. Where should I go next? Leave your favorite spots below!! 

I'll save you some popcorn!

Have a fun day!! 


Your Big Sister

Proverbs 17:22

"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up bones."