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Dear Little Sister...3 Easy Holiday Looks!

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Sweetheart! Are you going anywhere special this holiday season? I would love to know what some of your favorite holiday traditions are! Let's share some below!! 

Is anyone feeling a little nervous for their parties? If so its okay! If you're ever feeling a little nervous, sometimes you can wear something super fun! My favorite stylist calls it "Wear-a-py" instead of "Therapy" haha! So here are 3 SUPER easy looks that you can totally recreate! I promise these are super easy to do and can be worn by anyone!! (And all accessories are from Walmart!!)

Here We Go!!

To start, all you'll need is a light "base"! A tinted moisturizer, foundation, or just a bit of concealer will do! We will just be applying color from this point!(Things like eyeshadow, blush, highlight or lip gloss) 

For hair, today I used a light wavy texture, but anything will do! The less heat damage the better!! Haha right? 

1. 🌟Star Topper🌟

This look is all about gold! (My favorite color!) the star here is definitely the gold glitter on the eyes. Here we have no eyeliner, just the fun gold glitter and blend it out with a soft brown shade. That's all! Sweep a little gold highlighter on your cheeks to complete the look and you'll sparkle brighter than the star on your Christmas tree!

Tip: For a little more "umph", apply a little more mascara or even a pair of lashes! Here I am using the classic "Demi-Whispies" from Ardell! 

Finally, for hair I just pulled it in a half up-half down to keep the fun but pull it away from the face. This way everyone can see that gorgeous highlight! 


I have been so excited for this look! So this look is all about when you're outside for so long that when you come back your cheeks and nose feel a little rosey! A nice baby pink blush wil be used here, with a frostier highlight (instead of the bold gold highlight from before). Feel free to apply the highlight on your cheeks, nose and Cupid's bow (above your lip) to give that "kissed by a snowflake" look. Top it all with a bubble gum pink lip gloss and you're set to go!! 

Tip: You can even apply the highlight on the inner corner of your eye to make them pop! Pull your hair in a bun for a little fun!

3.🍭Candy Cane!🍭

This one is suuuuuper easy and an absolute classic for everyone at this time of year! Red lips really don't need much. They speak for themselves!! The trick is to line your lips with a cherry red lip liner, and then go in with your favorite red color! It can be a lipstick, a lip stain, or even a gloss! Anything to bring that Christmas red in will easily turn it into holiday in no time! (Fun fact, my aunt helped me try lip colors by using glosses first!) 

Tip: You can even combine this look with the star topper if you want to feel extra festive! Otherwise, some base, mascara, and a red lip will be more than enough!! Then sweep your hair to the side to create a vintage look.

So what did you think?! Which look do you think YOU will try this season? Go ahead and leave your tricks below, then share on Instagram a photo of you when you give these looks a try!! I can't wait to see!

Remember, you don't need any of this sweetheart. You're already incredible! My hope for you is that with a little sparkle you can see that too. 

Let the Holidays begin!! 


Your Big Sister

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2 Corinthians 

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."