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Dear Little Sister...Emergency Holiday Tricks!

Dear Little Sister,

It's here!!! Ahhhh!!!! The holidays are here!!! You know what...? nope! We are not going to loose our heads this year-No Ma'am! We've got this year! Haha if we go down we will go down in a puff of peppermint! Haha

But in all serious "silliness", holidays can be so crazy! But you know what? We find ways to make the best of each moment! Don't we?! So let's take a quick look at a few things that we can fix last minute!

*And Comment Below with any suggestions YOU may have! Let's help each other out!!*

1)Oh My Gosh! I didn't get a gift!

No money? No problem!! When in doubt, everyone loves a good DIY gift! I'm so serious I've made this specific gift so many times. (And if you got it this year I swear it's because I love you!!) My dear friends-it's the gratitude jar

Take the age of the person you're making it for and use that many #'s of paper to tell them how awesome you think they are!(kind of like an Elle Woods "Snap Cup" deal! lol) then they can keep it for a rainy day and remember how special they are! 

2)What do I wear?!

Simple!! Family Party-bring out the ugly sweater!!! Party with friends-Classic dress! Use fun accessories to turn it into the holiday spirit! For example-can you spot my peppermint earrings and necklace?? Ah! Why thank you for noticing! Haha. Any dress with any color can turn fun! 

Tips-Your shoes can always be the statement! Just make sure they are comfy!!

3) We are out of snacks!!

Who doesn't love a good holiday cookie?? Quickly run to Walmart to grab some chocolate chip cookies or even sugar cookies!(my favorite!) Everyone can even help out with frosting them! Then you can eat your treat!! 


This may not even be a trick haha! But it is a tradition! Every year my family and I go to see a movie on Christmas! It's so fun and there are always amazing movies this time of year! I would hiiiighly recommend seeing The Greatest Showman! I know I've probably said it 100 times-but you have to see it!!! What about you? Will you be seeing Star Wars? Maybe Coco or Jumanji? Let me know below!! 


*For any last minute stocking stuffer ideas, go ahead and check out my last blog post for more details!!!* 

You know? When it comes to the holidays I'd love to share something my friend told me a few weeks ago. I was stressing out about something and he said-"You know, you can make earth your heaven if you wanted to!" Haha and as super phylosophical as that sounds, it is SO true! No matter what happens, we can always find the good in a situation. Right? Right!! 

Don't worry about anything, no matter what happens-something good WILL come! Even if it's an extra piece of peppermint bark haha. 

Save me a piece! Haha


Your Big Sister


Isaiah 35:4

"Be Strong, do not fear...He will come to save you."

It's Christmas time, and for many it's you know-the presents and the gifts and all of the things that you know it isn't really about ha. But what I've learned this year is that it is about Hope. You see, when the first Christmas happened, the people in Jesus' time we're looking for someone to save them. A rebel who could destroy everything wrong with their lives and shake things up so they could live as they wanted. But what they didn't know, is that Jesus went deeper and came to save things that seemed like they could never be saved, heal pains that could never be healed, and love people that thought they were unlovable. Christmas to me shows that by Jesus coming, we were going to be saved from our deepest fears and thoughts for our future and give us something new. So I hope if you feel there's something that will never change for you-that you know it will not always be this way. Merry Christmas. 

Lindsey Stirling Christmas