• Mia Roberti

"Her Voice"-Mia Roberti

Prayer, and What it Can Help You Through

In the distance, I see the finish line.

Picking up speed, the line gets closer and closer. Exited, I cross it. And then I stop. I look everywhere for my dad. He said he would meet me at the finish line. I shuffle through the crowd, trying to find him. Instead, what I find, is Mrs Leslie, my friend's mom. She said my dad had asked her to pick me and my sister up. So we went with her. I thought surely my dad was at a meeting or had something for work, but that was not the case. My sister’s cell phone rang, and she answered.

It was my dad was calling. I heard something about my mom collapsing at work and going to the hospital. Almost immediately, I was shaking and tears were running down my face. My sister passed me the phone, and my dad said my mom had a blood clot in her intestines. She would be going into surgery, and I knew there was a chance she wouldn't make it if some other parts in her body shut down. All night, I was just shaking and pacing at my grandma’s house. I was crazy worried about my mom. The things that went through my mind worried me. I thought about the worst-case scenario. What could I do to help her? The one thing I could do was pray.

I prayed for my mom, for the doctors and the nurses, for my mom's friends who would be worried about her. And it helped. It relieved my stress. After two long hours, we found out that the surgery went well, but my mom had a long recovery ahead.

My sister (left) my dad (middle) and me (right) at my cross country meet, one week after my mom's surgery

After 6 days, I was able see her for the first time since the surgery. But there was one thing that really comforted me during those 6 days. My friend, that I have known for almost my whole life, said "Your mom is in my prayers, always." And that helped so much.

Praying can get through anything, even in the hardest of times. Through grief, stress, nervousness, sadness, depression and so much more. There is always a way to reach God when you feel like hope is gone. When there is God, there is hope for healing and recovery. All I had to do was put all of my faith into the doctors and trust that she was in good hands. Prayer helps to remind you that everything is part of God’s plan. God allows obstacles in life to make us stronger and to help us trust Him. And we deal with those obstacles by giving our problems to God. He understands what we are dealing with.

In case you're wondering, my mom is doing well. She said she went into that surgery not knowing if she was going to wake up again, but she did. She said to me that when she woke up, she felt all the prayers for her worked. In the end, prayer helped my mom and everyone else in her situation, and trusting God was a big part in that.

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