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Dear Little Sister...12 Facts About Me

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Guys!! Can you believe this is our first post of 2018?! Riiight? It actually is and holy cow it's taking me a second to bring it all in haha. We did SO much together last year, and I am just -oh my gosh just blown away at how far we've come together. You all mean so much to me you've absolutely changed my life and I'm so honored that God has let me be apart of yours. 

BUT enough with the sad stuff! No more! I would love to introduce myself. To really say hello as if for the first time haha. Some of you may be brand new to our family! (If so,hi! heehee) If not, you already know how crazy I am...and for that...Can't say I'm sorry lol.

I have picked 12 super random facts that you may not know about me! Why 12? Because a majority of our #stagesquad is 12 years old! So by all means here we go into 12 SUPER random facts about me! (and please, if you can relate-let me know lol)

1)I Grew Up a Major Tomboy

Growing up, my two best friends were boys who happened to live on a farm. Yep. Night and Day difference.

2) Zelda was my life

I SAID IT! I didn't just like the game---no. oh no. I once spent 3 days playing "Wind Waker" with my childhood best friend. Non-stop y'all. 3 days. (Even though the original 64 will always be my favorite) Even my first major crush was on a guy who owned an ocarina. Omg- it was magical. 

I could probably write an entire post...just on Zelda. Come on, who's with me. 

3)My Mom and I once spent 3 days straight making crafts

By now I think you're starting to see my dedication to creativity...but yes! One summer, Momma and I wanted to make our own swim bags out of tshirts(mine had an Owl City logo.) And 3 days later-still crafting. And yes, I do have the bag still. 

4)Fav Color? Glitter...Gold Glitter...

Y'all already know. Not ashamed. *drops the mic*

5)...with accents of nudes

If you really know me, you know I could happily live in just plain white t's with nude colored shoes. So.very. happy. No idea why.

6)I'm obsessed with watching cartoons

Disney. Anything Disney.

7)I sing Veggietales Every.day.

Y'all ever watch Madame Blueberry? You know with the French Peas Jean-Claude & Phillipe? (Yes I remember their names) The song that eventually turned into "Big Idea"s logo is my favorite childhood song. It instantly lifts me up and shifts my perspective! Here you go if you haven't heard it lol.

8)  I've auditioned for 2 TV shows

Not going to say which---but they were singing competitions.

9)I will always have makeup marks on my left hand

Lol all my makeup artist friends will understand why. Everyone always seems to want waterproof eyeliner!

10)Favorite Ice Cream is...

Anything with Peanut Butter! (cookies and cream if you don't have it lol)

11)I still have my very first eyeshadow pallete

It was the Too Faced "Natural Eyes" pallete from my Uncle Simon. Thanks Simon!! 

12)Favorite Movie of All time...

Back to the Future(1st one)....

.....With The Greatest Showman, Dark Knight, and Princess Bride closely behind it...and Singin' in the Rain...and Lord of the Rings-Okay! I can't decide haha! I love movies!!

I hope you enjoyed these super random facts! Lol! Now I would LOVE to know more about YOU! Go ahead and leave a comment below or email me at imani@dearlittlesister.com to become best friends!! I love you guys SO SO much! Here's to 2018! 

Maybe I should just cross out "movie" and put tv show...we all know what would win that...

Eggo Waffles Rule


Your Big Sister

Psalm 139:14

"Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it."