• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Live Free with No Apologies

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Guys!!!

Do you ever suffer from...people pleasing? Oh my gosh I know right?! I hate it haha. I used to be reeeeeally really bad at it-like really bad lol. I'd get all tongue tied and my heart would race and my entire day would be focused on how upset someone was after talking to me. Oh my gosh it's the worst.

What I've learned is that it is awesome to take care of others and to want to help others. But the BEST way we can help others, is by making sure we're okay too! When we feel refreshed and confident, others can feel that way too.

So what do we do? Haha! Here are 3 more ways that we can practice living free and love ourselves!

1)Stop Saying "I'm Sorry"

This one was sooooo hard for me. But I found myself apologizing alllllll the time! I didn't want people to be sad or disappointed. And I certainly didn't want them to be mad at me! So what did I do? I apologized for them feeling anything but happy.

But watching how many times you say "I'm sorry" can really help! It is SO awesome that you are so caring, but you don't have to carry any of their stress with you. Make sense? You have nothing to be sorry for hun, you're already loved and you're doing your best!

Do the best that you can do. Once you have, that's all you need to worry about!

2)Red Light/Green Light

Heehee...my loved ones get on me for this all the time....

If you've spent all of 5 minutes with me, you know that I am very much a busy-BUSY little bumblebee. But when you like being busy, it's hard to find an off button. Most people I know who function the same way have two speeds-full force or sleep. Not even "slow down"-like straight up sleep lol. It's important to know that not everything has to be done at the same time(-although it may feel that way sometimes) . So make sure to take the time to relax now and again! This will help refresh you and give you a new start!

Now it's also good to have a little bit of a drive, and a little ambition. You know! That little guy inside of you that says-"Hey! Let's make our dreams happen today!" That little motivational coach on the inside haha. A little bit of both can bring a really nice balance to the mix. But we need both!

3)Casting Call/Find Your Role

Omg! Once you find this, it's like nothing else matters and everything makes sense!(I could talk about this all day) It's like life-long tunnel vision. Here- let me explain.

One of my favorite concepts is that God is making this huge gigantic movie and He wants us all to be apart of it. So what do you need to make a movie? Of course you need actors, but you also need writers, stunt doubles, makeup artists, costume designers, set builders, tech crew, special effects, an audience,it goes on and on!-like it takes a LOT of work, and a LOT of people! Knowing your role helps remind you of how super important you are!

So if the movie's title is "God's Plan" and it's about how everyone found love-what role would you play?

You know what? I think I found that my role is loving you guys, and showing you that you are never forgotten or unimportant in this world. And on top of that-you're also gorgeous. I think maybe that was God's idea when He made me!(or at least what I've learned so far haha). Everyone has one of these-including you! So find what your role is! (hint hint-it's normally is tied to something you LOVE to do!)

I am so excited to see you smile brighter, walk taller, speak boldly, and capture every dream that you have-because you can! I can't wait to see what you do.

I'm your biggest fan!


Your Big Sister

1 Corinthians 25:10

"By the grace of God, I am what I am."