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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Live Free with No Apologies

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Guys!!!

Do you ever suffer from...people pleasing? Oh my gosh I know right?! I hate it haha. I used to be reeeeeally really bad at it-like really bad lol. I'd get all tongue tied and my heart would race and my entire day would be focused on how upset someone was after talking to me. Oh my gosh it's the worst.

What I've learned is that it is awesome to take care of others and to want to help others. But the BEST way we can help others, is by making sure we're okay too! When we feel refreshed and confident, others can feel that way too.

So what do we do? Haha! Here are 3 more ways that we can practice living free and love ourselves!

1)Stop Saying "I'm Sorry"

This one was sooooo hard for me. But I found myself apologizing alllllll the time! I didn't want people to be sad or disappointed. And I certainly didn't want them to be mad at me! So what did I do? I apologized for them feeling anything but happy.