• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Self Love 101

Dear Little Sister...

Happy February Friends!! So, let's talk Love. 

You may notice that I have been very passionate about things like self love lately. And you know what? Why not! haha! February is the month of "love", so why not start with ourselves! This month can often be SUPER duper fun!...or SUPER duper annoying and be an absolute fail. But in our true "stage squad" fashion,we are going to do things a little differently. (look out February) 

This month, we are going to begin finding out just how incredible we are-AND- absolutely love it! I hope that with these 4 key tips, you can begin your amazing adventure to loving exactly who you are.   

1)Burn the Bagel

Sometimes when we're just going through life we get these pesky little thoughts. And these thoughts are what some people call "conditions". This is something that puts a limit on how much acceptance and grace you are allowed to have! It's like saying, okay-we will be your friend but ONLY if you get me a bagel and toast it for me. Lol...Am I the only one who thinks this is a little strange? Let's pretend like this isn't completely crazy for a second. If we believed this, then that would mean we would only be important when it's time for toasting bagels. I don't know about you...but I burn the easiest things, so I know this can't be true! 

The same thing happens with our thoughts about ourselves! We give ourselves these conditions and say we will get a reward if we stick to the conditions. Then, we disguise the reward to make it sound like it's okay to speak to ourselves in this way.-We believe our only importance comes from toasting bagels.- We tell ourselves if you get faster, slimmer, better grades, or more friends that we will get a reward. And that reward can be anything from attention to feeling happy with ourselves. But what if we learned to get rid of these conditions, and just say-you know...even if I burn the bagel to a crisp, I am going to chose to not be mean to myself. I wonder what that would do...

2)Plan the Best.Day.Ever!

Being kind to yourself is so incredibly important. But if you reeeeealllyy want to take it up a notch-I've got some tricks for you. This may sound weird--but date yourself. I told you it would sound weird!! But let's just do it!

I want you to ACTUALLY plan a date for yourself! Plan the BEST DAY EVER! Turn your phone off(or put it on do not disturb)and spend as long as you can with yourself. Watch YOUR favorite movie, cook YOUR favorite meal, maybe explore somewhere new! You have this gorgeous opportunity to meet the most awesome person on the planet-YOU!  Really get to know what brings you a smile. Sooner or later, you'll find that you just might be your favorite person. (Btw going to the movies by yourself-oh my gosh. The.best.thing. Leave a comment below if you agree lol)

3)Eat the Carrot!

I know it may be a little similar-but once you find what makes you happy, you may get a better idea of what inspires you! What recharges YOUR batteries? Schedule this into your life at least once a week.(Yeah!) It's like a bunny and his carrot lol. Give yourself a carrot when you've reached a goal! Rewarding yourself will create a safe habit of perseverance and achieving goals. It helps to remind us on how far we've come!

3)Most Importantly...

This month, keep reminding yourself of this awesome phrase-"...I will still love myself." If I fail this exam, If I don't make the team, If I gain weight, If I lose my friendship with this person, If I never have a date, If I never reach my dreams...I will continue to love myself. I will never give up on myself. 

Of course we can't just stop here! Helping others find their amazing qualities can actually come back to help you! If there's anything that I believe, it's that kindness will ALWAYS come back to you. Actively make the choice to be kind and I prooomise it will pay off! (If you don't believe me, ask me about my last trip to Disney lol)

I can't wait for you to see yourself as I see you. Don't forget, You're Amazing.


Your Big Sister

Romans 5:8

"I loved you at your darkest."

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