• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Valentine's Day Look Book!

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Guys!! 

It's Valentine's Week! Or-heehee-looooveee week! And I would LOVE to see each and everyone of us love ourselves more than we EVER have this time of year! You are incredible!! Did you know that? 

One of my favorite words is,"Wearapy"! Haha it's like "Thearapy", but it means that you totally have the power to lift your spirits just by changing your outfit! Do you ever notice when you wear warm colors like deep greens and ruby reds, you feel calmer? And when you wear neon you're so excited? Same thing! 

This week I'll break down two easy looks that you can create for Valentine's Day-or just because!! Let's declare it Self-Love Day! Haha here we go!!! 

(Btw-everything is from either Walmart or Target! Heehee. Let's save our $$) 

1) 💖SweetTart💖

With this look, I decided to keep it simple. I wanted to show that you can have a cute fun look with very simple pieces. A good colored t shirt can be worn in hundreds of ways; with a scarf, distressed, with a necklace-or just by itself! 

For both looks I've curled the DAYLIGHTS out of my hair! Haha. The first time you do this it might take a moment, but it lasts for days! Use a smaller barrel and alternate the direction of each curl to create a more natural looking curl! 

I paired this with my favorite jeans and some nude boots from target. If you know me, you know I'm always in some kind of heel haha. When in doubt, change your shoes! 

2)❤️Sealed with a Kiss❤️

I felt like such a blogger in this outfit haha😂 Don't forget that you can play with patterns! This little gem I found has teeny tiny little red lips all over it! A simple but totally fun piece to play with! And because the base is neutral, you can pair it with anything! 

Makeup can seem tricky, but it doesn't have to be! To really help the details pop, I paired this shirt with a classic red lip! If you're afraid to try a red lip, maybe try a gloss to begin! If you're worried about having it last, softly swipe a lip liner before-it creates a long lasting affect! 

I hope that these two easy looks help inspire you this year! You don't need a huge dress, high heels, and crazy makeup to feel beautiful-it can be in the little changes! You are MORE than what you wear!!And I would LOVE to see what YOU are wearing this Valentine's Day!! Let me know if you'd like to see another Lookbook soon! 

Keep smiling Hun! Be bold, be brave! 

Love you!

Your Big Sister 

Psalm 62:5

"Only God gives inward peace, and I depend on Him."