• Imani White

Her Voice-Cassidy

*Hi Friends! We always want to maintain the safety and respect of our sisters as they share their stories. This month, we have a sister who would like to remain anonymous. Out of respect we will be calling her "Cassidy." Please enjoy her story!*

Cassidy's Story

 In this months post I'll be talking about my anxiety and depression and how I still manage to get through it all. So sit tight and let's start! I was diagnosed with clinical depression at around the age of 9-10, around the same time I was officially told that I had anxiety. Life didn't get better from there... I was pretty good at school and had good grades, was able to maintain these grades to this day, but sometimes in school I'll have breakdowns and uncontrollable crying fits. On several accounts, I was taken out of school and was only able to return if the doctor said I could. But when I got back I hadn't changed. I still had my moments, for awhile it seemed hopeless, like I was drowning but no one could save me.

See that's the thing about depression, most people have something related to it, sometimes anorexia, post traumatic stress, and many more. See a smile can hide a lot, it can hide, anger, pain, sadness, and agony. For me well it's like I'm in a dark room with no flashlight. And you know what makes it worse? Only select people know I have depression and anxiety. I bet when someone looks at me they see a happy, smiling, joyful girl. If you knew what it was like on the inside, I'm pretty sure some of you would be in tears. And that's the sad truth. I have so much practice in hiding my true feelings, that it's hard to show the true me to the people who care. It's so hard that I just keep everything to myself, I don't let people know what I'm feeling, I just smile and nod. 

Having depression is like drowning while being able to see everyone around you breathing. And I guess there no escaping that, even with all the medication I take I still feel like I don't matter, but I'll get better 😄 I'll keep trying and trying and I won't give up, and maybe one day I'll see a light at the end of this dark hallway, and I'll finally be free! So wish me luck!

*If you ever need help, here are some things that help Cassidy turn bad days around!* * Read a funny book * Memes * Try to take your mind off it * Do something productive * Make someone laugh * And just try to stay confident * And think " I'll get through this, I'm strong"

 (Thank you sweetheart so much for sharing your story! Please leave your support with a comment below to show her we are behind her! We love you!)  Our Little Sister,