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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Dear Little Sister,

Hi Sweetheart! I have a question for you. Is being yourself really the most important thing? It sounds like such a selfish idea

, doesn't it? So do why is it so important to focus on this "self-love" movement? I'll tell you why-because 

If I'm honest, this is something that I have had to re-learn all over again over the course of this past month.  It can be so hard to remember the value that you bring to the world, ESPECIALLY when things like instagram (and other social media) distract us! Am I right? Comparing ourselves can happen so so fast, we don't even realize the effects until it's too late! We wish we looked different, had a different life plan, had a different life, and we end up missing the blessings in our own lives! I hope you know how important you are hun, and if not-here are somethings that can help remind you!! 

1)Free Yourself

Do you ever feel this huge pressure to be doing things differently? Maybe it's not coming from the outside... maybe it starts inside? We can actually hold ourselves prisoner with thoughts like "I'll never be this...", "I'll never have this...", "Things will always be this way."

Hun, You don't have to feel this way. You don't have to believe this. What if one day you apologized to yourself for putting the pressure of the world on your own shoulders? I think if we start by thanking ourselves for achieving what we have so far, we'll find ourselves turning into our best supporter, rather than our biggest offender. Be thankful for who you are. All of who you are.