• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Be Proud of Yourself!

Dear Little Sister,

WE HAD AN EVENT!!!! Oh my goodness, June has been just an absolutely AMAZING month!!! You were all so sweet to celebrate my 23rd birthday with me, and we kicked off the summer with our Ultimate Girl Party!! I don't know about you, but I seriously think this year is our year. There's something about this year that is just going to bring out the best in us and leave us feeling unstoppable. What do you think? You with me?! 

Alrighty Squad let's do this together! Let's start by making this the best summer we've ever had. With that, of course we have to take care of ourselves first. So let's take a quick look at some ways to be proud of ourselves this summer, this year-and always!

1)"Find a Genuine Interest"

Can we just take a moment for our panel members?! I will say, I think one of my favorite bits of advice came from Miss Aubrey when she said her secret for school is to "find a genuine interest." This is something that is personal to YOU! It sets your heart racing, brightens your day, gives you purpose. That interest is connected to why you're here Hun, go ahead and be curious! Learn as much as you can about your interest and see where it takes you! 

2)Practice "Wearapy"

Hands down, one of my favorite tricks. Elle Woods' signature color is pink-mine is gold...glitter lol. Find your power color! What color/style/print/accessory makes you feel completely unstoppable? Fashion doesn't have to always be about hiding what you don't like. Use it to channel that super power that will give you a little more strength for the day! Wear it proudly!! 

3)Know Your Squad

Let just say-I.am sooooo proud.of our squad. Sooo justunbelievably proud of EACH AND EVERY one of you! You know why? Above all else, we look out for each other. No one is excluded, and we get EXCITED for new friends! You're going to be world changers, I can just feel it. You make me so proud. 

With that in mind, we are as strong as our squad. That is our support, that is where we can go if we feel down, that's our spot. Make sure you check in to make sure your squad stays 100%! Encourage each other, and they will encourage you! 

4) Look Forward 

Imagine you're in gym class (woohoo exercise!!!) and the teacher is having everyone run laps. Do you ever notice that if you look behind you while you're running, your pace becomes slower? To move quickly and efficiently, you have to look forward. Same thing with every day sweetheart. If we worry about what is to our left, right, or behind us, we'll forget the amazing thing that we are running towards. You're in the right spot Hun, you're doing just fine. 

5)God First

This tip is inspired by another amazing woman that we met at our panel(Kelsey Lemons)! It can definitely become easy to pray when things go wrong, but did you know you can start a conversation with God anywhere? I've always believed that when you talk to yourself, God is the one that listens the whole time. God has this amazing way of taking stress away the second you talk about it. Go ahead! Give it a try! See what happens! 

Every time you get closer to making a huge impact or doing something incredible-there is going to be this wave of doubt that will try to make you change your mind. When this happens Hun, keep going. Do it anyway. And remember, you have all of us here cheering you on. 

You've Got This.


Your Big Sister 


"If God is for us, who can be against us?"