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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...We had a Party!!!

Dear Little Sister,

WE DID IT!!!! 

We were able to pull off the most amazing, fun, inspiring, Ultimate Girl Party ever!!!!! A HUGE thank you to all of our friends who were able to visit us, we were so happy to see everyone! We had some of our closest besties AND met some new friends too!! I can not wait for the next one!! 

We decided on this particular day to talk about...."Self-Love!" We talk about it all the time, but -what does it even mean? When you practice "Self-Love", you are saying "I am proud of who I am, right now, in this moment; regardless of whether or not life is going perfectly." Even though you wish you were taller, shorter, skinnier, not as skinny, smarter, faster-ANYTHING! Even though things aren't "perfect", you know you are exactly the person you are supposed to be. 

 What if we ALL practiced Self-Love?? How crazy would that be?!? We decided to figure it out! So y'all--we had a panel with some amazing people and they gave some GREAT tips on how to practice this. So let's go! Let's dive into it! 

Be Proud of....

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