• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Growing Pains

Dear Little Sister,

Have you ever noticed that so much can change in so little time??? We are ALWAYS going through transitions! If we are not careful, we can feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions! If we're really not careful, it can even make us question who we are. Point being-growing up and experiencing life changes can.be.hard. So let's figure this out! Let's look at 3 big areas that are always changing and find our way through!! 

Changes with Friends

If there's anything I know, it's that our friendships will constantly change. And it's ooookaaayyy. My mom used to tell me that every friendship is like a chapter in a book. You read it, enjoy it, but when the chapter is over-you keep reading! Each chapter gives us something to learn, just like friendships. So keep reading! You never know what's on the next page! 

Tip! If you find that a friendship is coming to an end, make sure you spend time with the ones who are still standing by your side. A simple "Hey, you're awesome." Text can go suuuuch a long way. 

Changes with Family

Whenever we're with family, it can sometimes be difficult to show who you really are. We often can feel pressure to stay the same sweet, perfect, little one that they know and love. Or! We could even feel like we have to change into the person they want us to be. But if they are family, true family, all they want is your safety and your happiness. What's best for them is what's best for you. 

Tip! If you're nervous on having a conversation, it always helps to have a plan. Maybe write down what you're going to say first, or even record it on your phone! The practice can help calm any nerves! 

Changes with Yourself

This can sometimes be the most confusing. Sometimes we may not want the same things anymore. Or sometimes or lives just may take us somewhere we never expected. I truly believe that if we are experiencing a change, we have to stick to who we are. The fear of being different, not fitting in, and always being alone, is normally standing right in front of finding our place in the world. So be different. Do the thing that makes you most afraid. It's your path and no one else's. 

#1 Trick! 

You know what? This would be my number one trick. The biggest thing that I would suggest is asking God for help. Prayers do not need to be nice, they just have to be honest. If you're honestly struggling, tell him! If you're honestly disappointed or confused, He wants to hear! He's like an awesome Grandpa who wants to chill with you and talk the day away. 

Last week I heard a quote and it completely changed my life. "It's not about what the world has for you, it's about what you bring to the world." If you feel overly different, great. You're about to offer an amazing new gift.   

You're going the right way. And you're doing great. 


Your Big Sister

Isaiah 43:1

"...Do not fear, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name, for you are mine."