• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Our Trip to New York

Psalm 133:1

"How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity!" 

Dear Little Sister,

Our trip to the Bronx this year was unlike any other trip I have ever been on! I say our trip, because we are always-and will always-be connect together. Each adventure that we go on can teach us something new and shift the direction of our character. 

Coming back a second year I anticipated certain things to happen in certain ways, and I am so happy that my plans were completely flipped upside down, because I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

I have been struggling for days on how to perfectly sum up all of the countless lessons I was able to learn, and ultimately, these have impacted me the most. I am so proud to have shared this week with you. Let's take a look! 

Everyone has a God given Talent

#1 Lesson, 👏Num👏ber👏1👏 Lesson oh my goodness gracious. I was ASTOUNDED by the amount of natural talent that is just beeming from the children in the Bronx. We were so lucky to do a Music Passion Project(among 4 others) with the younger kiddos, and my heart was just so inspired. 

Context-(We took auditions to find everyone's place in their performance song. We shared how in Music, God can give us all a part to play and everyone is valuable. Each kid was able to choose between vocal,dance,or instrument for their audition)

 My heart just soared when we saw that the children who naturally wanted to dance-didn't need music to dance. They just did. The children who naturally wanted to sing-didn't need music to sing along. They just did. Each kid knew exactly what their gifts were and didn't need to be told. God gave them all a strong identity and an actual song in their heart. This is something I needed to take back and remember to trust my instincts because God placed them there, right from the start. 


We started the trip already strong by hearing from an AMAZING pastor who visited Hillsong Church in Time Square. He talked about how much of a blessing it is when we can see our lives through God's perspective, or vantage points. By spending time with others, especially someone you would normally never speak to, you're provided with a different view on how to see and be grateful for your life. And if we are still in pain, God has more of a plan for our lives than just this moment. 

"If we haven't seen the good come out of a situation yet, then God is not finished." 

Love is Active 

We learned that you can often say "I love you" or "I love this", etc. But love is so much more than words. We can find this especially in church where we often hear "I'll pray for you" or even "Do you wanna talk?" But rarely do we emphasize the action behind love. 

If you love someone, call them, go to them, work with them rather than just cheer from the side lines. Jesus loved us so much that he came to experience everything we would so that we could relate more to him. He stood "by" us not just "above" us. We should be actively standing together. 

We can always learn from each other 

Asking for help is not a weakness. We read this beautiful article, Mi Casa Uptown, before coming to the Bronx. The biggest moment that stood out to me read....

"We have conditioned ourselves to think that needing help or needing to be served makes one less than. That is probably why we are so eager to help, but not so eager to receive."

We learn from our friends in the Bronx just as much as they learn from us. No one is better than the other and no one is stronger on their own. With more perspectives and talents combining together, and having the ability to see differences as advantages, we have the opportunity to truly unite together and become a strong, solid, force. 

I encourage you to take these steps here at home. Let's bring together our communities(our neighborhoods, schools, local clubs, and even jobs) to work together and support each other. Be present with each other. And always, be kind. 

We're stronger together,


Your Big Sister 

1 John 4:12

"No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us." 

*Shout out to Molly Ojeda for capturing these BEAUTIFUL photos on our trip!*

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