• Imani White

DLS...How to Host a Themed Party!

Dear Little Sister,

GAHHHH I am so excited haha.

Okay, guys---I need to share a secret with you. I have been holding back the secret to having the best get together possible, and I haven't shared it! AAAhhhh I'm so sorry! But today that changes! This has become a new tradition that I have incorporated in many of my festivities this summer. From a movie date night with my boyfriend or a marathon with the besties-when we hang out, we go big. We are adding the fun by adding a THEME!!!

This week my friends and I decided to have a "Marie Antoinette" Movie Marathon. Oh yes. It was as glorious as it sounds. We had several fun steps to create the perfect atmosphere for watching our favorite period pieces(movies like Pride and Prejudice, Becoming Jane, and even Sleepy Hollow). Here are some of the things we did to really help everything come together!!!

1)The FOOD!

(Y'all I made a cake! A two layered delicious cake! I was so proud haha.)Food and parties are an absolute must. We want to make sure our guests have something super yummy yes? Our amazing hostess had prepared some delicious treats for all of us to try that matched with our theme! Let me tell you- after these treats, I was instantly transported to the French countryside lol.

This step will definitely require a bit of historical research. What were popular items during that time? Is there anything cute you can find on good ol' handy dandy pinterest? From bite sized cucumber sandwhiches to maple glazed mini doggies, we had so much fooood!

2)The Decor

I was completely blown away(and very proud) of how our "party space" was transformed! Our hostess had banners that read "Let Them Eat Cake", sweet pink plates and napkins, and even an 18th century playlist that played as each guest entered the room. Walking into her apartment, it felt like we were visiting our dear friends in Versailles.

3)The Details

Doing things like creating a menu, everyone having a prop, and giving each other fake names really helped everyone let loose and really engage in the fun. Let yourself be silly with everything! This is not a time to be serious-or to be stressed out! I had worked sooooo hard creating my adorable cake for the theme, and guess what? It.melted.in.the.car. Luckily the cake itself was good-but she ended up not looking so cute. I felt like I should have appeared on an episode of "Nailed It!"(which is what I am proudly watching now as I am finishing this post).

4)The Costumes!

This was hands down the most fun that I had with the whole experience. Everyone had to participate in some form when it comes to the costumes. Since our theme was Marie Antoinette, we just needed some extra blush, a bold pink lip and some sort of fun accessory. The ladies all wore something relatively flowy, while our gentlemen used some of the fun props from our tables!!! Since all of our friends are makeup artists, it was fun to see all of the fun looks that were created!! We channelled our inner fancy, high class, proper society members and felt oh so chic.

Haha we can always have a ton of fun no matter where we go! Why not encorporate a little "extra" into the normal activities we do?? Let me know what themes YOU and your friends are going to try! Are there any that you would like for me to try? Let's swap ideas!!!

Bonne Chance Mes Amis!!!


Your Big Sister

Ecclesiastes 8:15

"So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat and enjoy life. That way they will expereince some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun."