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  • Imani White

DLS...How to Host a Themed Party!

Dear Little Sister,

GAHHHH I am so excited haha.

Okay, guys---I need to share a secret with you. I have been holding back the secret to having the best get together possible, and I haven't shared it! AAAhhhh I'm so sorry! But today that changes! This has become a new tradition that I have incorporated in many of my festivities this summer. From a movie date night with my boyfriend or a marathon with the besties-when we hang out, we go big. We are adding the fun by adding a THEME!!!

This week my friends and I decided to have a "Marie Antoinette" Movie Marathon. Oh yes. It was as glorious as it sounds. We had several fun steps to create the perfect atmosphere for watching our favorite period pieces(movies like Pride and Prejudice, Becoming Jane, and even Sleepy Hollow). Here are some of the things we did to really help everything come together!!!

1)The FOOD!