• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Why I'm Always Positive

Dear Little Sister,

WHAT IS UP STAGE SQUAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!! Haha! We are going to dive into something a little deeper today. Today I really wanted to step back and go back to the basics of why I started writing in the first place. When I started writing, I never edited or even proof-read my blog posts(hence all of the grammar mistakes and spelling errors lol). But if there's one thing I'm very proud of, it's that every time we talk, I am real. Every time we have small group, speeches, podcasts, or live streams I am very honest and vulnerable. However, with my blog posts I haven't really pulled back the curtain as much as I really can. So today I wanted to just write from me to you without editing a single word. And to do that I wanted to answer the #1 question I am always asked, "Why are you always so Positive?"

Real Talk: Y'all know your girl has always had a drop of sparkle in her. But there was a very real time, especially when I first graduated high school, where I didn't know that existed in me. So for a very long time I didn't believe that positivity was possible. Now we'll notice I say "Positive" and not "Happy". "Positivity", in my opinion, is different than happiness. Positivity is the ability to keep pushing even if we are not happy. So to answer your question boldly, I am positive because I have no other choice. If I really want to live the life of my dreams and live in peace, I have no other choice than to believe that somehow, someway, and someday everything will work itself out. That's it-I just believe with every ounce of energy that I have...and then some haha. So initially thisssss might sound a little dramatic and odd. But don't worry! I'm going to teach it to you. I would like to share 5 steps that I genuinely use in order to keep my positivity going. We've got this squad. We. have got. this!

1.Find Your Why

Everyone has a different spark that starts them. For me, it's fighting for my happiness in life. Now I know I juuuuuust said that positivity and happiness is different. But for me, happiness is the carrot haha. Happiness is the reward I get when I am consistently positive. So what is the prize you are working for? What makes life "worth it" to you?

2. Plan It Out

(I totally felt so inspired by my favorite influencer here haha) But she had this amazing point where in order to keep pushing, you can't even come close to thinking that you could fail. It is so true what they say, that failing only happens when you get knocked down and you stay down. So knowing that life is going to try to knock you down, plan for that to happen. Rather than having a Plan A and a Plan B, have a Plan A part 1,2, and 3. It will work. Your plan will work.

3. Build Your Support

Girl. Get yoself a squad. You neeeeeed to be prepared for those ups and downs. There will be days where maybe you don't believe in your plan. There will be days where you forget your "why". That is when you need to speak to the people that believe in you. This number may be small, but you have to have a group of people who add genuine quality to your life. I keep this reminder very. very. close to me. In my room, (picture'd somewhere nearby lol) is a board that I consistently fill with the letters I receive from you. I put this on my board and I look at it every day and night to remind myself that I am not alone. So for that I say, "Thank You Stage Squad. We've got this."

4.Know Your Boundaries

Okay I'm about to get really real. Some people will not get you. Some people will not understand you. When those people enter your life, the way you can tell who respects you and who doesn't---is by seeing if they respect your boundaries. If you ask for privacy, ask for support/patience, or just say no, and they have a negative reaction to that? They need to be removed from your inner circle. Period. If they disrespect you on the little things, they will disrespect you on larger issues. Those who respect you will respect your "no". And don't be afraid to say no.

5. Be the One

Lastly, Be the One. Don't be afraid to be doing it differenly. Don't be afraid of being misunderstood. BE the one who's different. BE the one who stands out,who disagrees, who sees things different. BE THE ONE who changed the game for everyone.

Family, I love you so much. And if there is anything I can do to encourage you-please let me know. If there is a topic we need to talk about, let's talk about it! This isn't just my battle this is OUR battle. So let's do this together! I can already feel the positivity power. Yaaaaaasssss!!!!

Never forget, You've got this.


Your Big Sister

2 Corinthians 12:10

"This is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecution, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."