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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...WE HAD A GIRLS NIGHT!(2018)

Dear Little Sister,

Honestly, is there anything better than a sleepover?! I am a huge fan of mastering the art of some girl time. And you know what? I will promise you this; you will never be too old for a sleepover with your best friend!! Lol-like...ever. I fully intended to be in my late 60's with some hot chocolate, an old copy of Legally Blonde, and my bestie by my side.

Here's the thing! I know some of us were killing life and weren't able to come, and Hun- that is okay!! Because there is no way the fun was going to end here. We talked a lot about this term called "Spiritual Empowerment"(the ability to be an awesome energizer bunny and hustle everyday without feeling burnt out). But the main thing that I really wanted to focus on was this main phrase, "You and I are meant to do life together."

With that in mind, we had this beautiful moment where we had set up a basket in the back of the room. Next to the basket were a bunch of note cards and a few pens. At any point in the night, anyone could go and write a question completely anonymous!! We only had the chance to answer a few(on account of a tornado watch. Love Texas!!), but I wanted to continue our conversation. So here, my dear friends, are 3 more questions I found in the basket!!!