• Imani White

Dear Little Sister...WE HAD A GIRLS NIGHT!(2018)

Dear Little Sister,

Honestly, is there anything better than a sleepover?! I am a huge fan of mastering the art of some girl time. And you know what? I will promise you this; you will never be too old for a sleepover with your best friend!! Lol-like...ever. I fully intended to be in my late 60's with some hot chocolate, an old copy of Legally Blonde, and my bestie by my side.

Here's the thing! I know some of us were killing life and weren't able to come, and Hun- that is okay!! Because there is no way the fun was going to end here. We talked a lot about this term called "Spiritual Empowerment"(the ability to be an awesome energizer bunny and hustle everyday without feeling burnt out). But the main thing that I really wanted to focus on was this main phrase, "You and I are meant to do life together."

With that in mind, we had this beautiful moment where we had set up a basket in the back of the room. Next to the basket were a bunch of note cards and a few pens. At any point in the night, anyone could go and write a question completely anonymous!! We only had the chance to answer a few(on account of a tornado watch. Love Texas!!), but I wanted to continue our conversation. So here, my dear friends, are 3 more questions I found in the basket!!!

1) "I love you Imani! How do you stay so positive? Do you have any pets?"

Hahaha I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! I do have two little babies named "Ollie"(short for Oliver) and Peanut!! Both puppies and they are super cuddly. I'm so flattered that I help you with positivity! I definitely get this question often haha. Probably from staying as grateful as possible. I'm definitely a "Glass half full" kinda girl. If something's wrong, I try to find soooomething good. (I do have a whole post written about it too!)

2)How do you bring a lifelong friendship back after its been broken?

Hi Sweetheart! Friendships are probably the most important thing to me, so I will be HAPPY to answer this one! lol. With keeping friendships for a long time, I would definitely say that being honest with each other will get you very far. If your friend has hurt your feelings, it's important to express that to your friend. It also works in reverse. So, if a friend comes to you, you should be able to hear their feelings as well. It's always better to talk now honestly, than to never talk because we're afraid of hurting our friends' feelings.

3)"All the time I feel ugly and not good enough. But whenever someone compliments me or tells me something good I've done, my mind automatically goes to 'They are lying'...Any Advice?"

Hey Girl, it sounds like 1)You have some amazing friends nearby. But it also sounds like you don't feel like you deserve it? I want to encourage you to do something! Have you ever taken the time to apologize to yourself? Have you ever taken the time to thank yourself? I felt this way before and I realized it was because I didn't believe good things about myself. So when someone complimented me, it didn't help because I had already decided I wasn't good enough for me, even if others thought differently. I particularly felt this about my body(and sometimes still do). And every now and then, I have to stop and apologize for being so cruel to myself, and thank my body for what it does let me do. You'll find the compliments will stick more once you have been able to hang out with yourself a little more. You've got this Hun!

You might be thinking-"Imani, that basket had a ton more questions...and today we only answered 3? Where are the others??" My dear, sweet, sweet friend. That is because I have something special to announce.

Now this is a super duper special secret...I'll be posting it closer to the end of the year, but I wanted to tell you here first. I will be answering more of the questions in the new year because....WE ARE FINALLY BRINGING BACK THE PODCAST!! In January of 2019, our podcast will be back and completely made new! I have missed our connections together and really talking about what you want to hear. This is my gift to you!! Any time you feel alone, you could hear my voice and know I will always want to talk to you. I love you guys so much. Now let's start the next chick flick!!!

I'll grab the popcorn!


Your Big Sister

Romans 12:2

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."