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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Let's Talk Food!

Dear Little Sister,

Alright y'all. Let's talk food lol. I am a HUGE fan of food. Food and I go way back. The problem was that I was too good of friends with a certain food called ice cream ( and if you know me well, you know my absolute weakness is the Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough). Here's the thing! My soul loved the ice cream, my tummy did not. I was noticing that my energy wasn't super high. I wanted to find a way to give my body enough energy to keep up with all of the fun activities that I like to do. SO! I decided to try something new!

This lead me to the greatest project ever-finding new food. I feel that whenever we begin a weight loss journey, it can be so focused on what we can't have. My friends- the list of what you CAN have is SO MUCH LONGER!!! We are glass half FULL kind of people! So naturally, as I started to find new places, I knew I just had to share them with you too! Now don't be shy! Feel free to share your favorite places too!

*Keep in mind! I am not a health expert, I am an ice cream expert lol. If you're starting a health journey-girl, call your doctor first please.--don't eat every meal out daily. GO STAGE SQUAD*