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  • Imani White

Dear Little Sister...Let's Talk About the Bible

Dear Little Sister,

Alright y'all, let's get into it lol. How many of you have heard this story before...?

"Omg! So So I have totally always grown up being surrounded by the Bible. Annnnd I was raised in a Christian home and went to church every Sunday and like I totally know the bible! #John 3:16 Sis!"

Yeah....I'm sick of it too. Lol. So let's actually talk about the Bible here.

How do we use this?? Why are there so many large words-and why do we say "thou" all the time? I don't have any sheep...why does it keep talking about sheep...

I've been nervous to really dive in and talk about faith in general in our blogs, and so I've subtly placed verses in each post somewhere near the bottom. But I have heard so many of us ask questions--and this excites me! I love that we feel comfortable enough to talk about this!

Before we start ANYTHING, I want to say this; If there's anything I believe, it's that our faith is a personal journey. Only you can start it, and only you can determine where you want to go; how deep or how serious. I also know that God is a gentleman. He'll never force anything on us. Just know that we can ask questions, and not be in trouble just for asking them.

So let's really talk about it. Unfortunately, although I was in private school and church- a lot, I was never taught how to use it or how to read it. Y'all, I wasn't even taught why we should read it. I was only taught that you should. But in all honesty, now I can't go a day without spending at least 5 minutes with a Bible verse. I'm at this point where I really want to learn, and I'm wondering if you'd like to try with me? It gives me hope and refreshes me, and that's what I'd like for you. So here we go! Here are a few things that help me and a few reasons why I read the bible.

I read the Bible...

...To Get Answers